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The Latest in High Definition Haptic Motor Technology

LMR Haptic Actuators

Linear Magnetic Rams (LMRs) are wideband voice-coil haptic motors that use a solid-state magnetic suspension instead of springs or flexures.  The patented technology provides for class-leading frequency response, reliability, and strength of haptic output.

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Gaming, AR/VR

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Virtual Buttons

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Ultra Wide Frequency Range

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Combination of Effects Creating Hyper Realistic Haptic Feedback

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Unlock Previously Impossible Effects

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10x G Force Compared to Other Leading Solutions

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Tested Beyond 100 Million Cycles

TacHammer Models:

ModelCarlton DrakeGrenville
Impulse Acceleration25 G 19 G TBD
Steady State Acceleration3.6 Grms 4.5 Grms 1.4 Grms
Profile15.0mm dia. 9.5mm dia. 3.6mm x 6.0mm
Length34.3mm 23mm 19.0mm
Latency (Traditional / Impact) <1ms / 10ms <1ms / 10ms <1ms / 10ms
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Variety of Form Factors

A wide range of form factors to support a variety of customers and use cases

TacHammer Sizes
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Easy Programmability

Easy programmability for developers through 3 modes of haptics: Sharp (snaps, jolts, clicks), Soft (pulses, taps, bumps), Vibration (light wobble to intense vibrations)

Backwards Compatible

Voice coil design responds to traditional to LRA signals. Compatible with off the shelf drive controllers

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TITAN Core Development Kit

Customize and integrate LMR haptics with our easy-to-use dev kit.

Comes with our TITAN Core Development Board and 4 DRAKE motors.

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Manufacturing and Support

We partner with leading manufacturers in gaming, automotive and mobile to ensure the highest quality and reliability. We’re able to leverage their expertise in areas of mass manufacturing, design for excellence, and supply chain logistics.

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