Seeking Future Builders.
In search of those who don’t sit still.  Those who embrace uncertainty and are not afraid to make mistakes.  Those who are emboldened by challenge, and motivated by the impossible.

We’re hiring

  • Prototype (Mechatronics) Engineer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • FAE (North America)
  • FAE (China)
  • FAE (Japan)
  • Business Development Rep (North America)
  • Business Development Rep (China)
  • Business Development Rep (Japan)
  • Marketing Associate
  • Public Relations Manager

Work Rules:

1 – Do what you love, and love what you do.

2 – Do stuff that matters.

3 – Work with epic people, be epic to work with.

4 – What can be hacked, should be hacked.

5 – Learn.


An open, collaborative environment that promotes contamination of ideas across Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Strategy.

Energetic, high-velocity team that solves for speed and iteration.

Flat management structure that values ideas.  Be creative, be heard.

Flexible work schedule that values quality work product rather than time spent.

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