Wideband vibration motor
w/ impact

4.5Grms vibration
19Gp impact
Mounted on a 100g mass. 

10-300 Hz
Frequency Response

23 x 9.5 x 9.5 mm
( L  x  W  x  H )

Massive performance, tiny package

Our smallest haptic motor offering, the DRAKE, is about the size of a pill capsule, at only 9.5mm diameter and 23mm long.

Despite being 1/3rd the size of the Carlton, DRAKE generates
25% stronger vibration force thanks to Gen II LMR architecture.

TacHammer Drake Size Comparison

TacHammer DRAKE Features

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Floating Magnetic Suspension

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Strong, Impact Haptics

water resistant icon

Fully Sealed 

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Compatible with Legacy Haptic ICs

Frequency Response

TacHammer DRAKE is offered in 4 wideband models, each with unique frequency response characteristics.

Whether you’re looking for deep sub-bass immersion or high-frequency textures, TITAN has a DRAKE motor to suit your needs.

TacHammer Drake Frequency Response


All models

Operating Voltage: 1-3.3v
Current: 160 mArms
DCR: 8.0 Ω +/- 5%

100M Cycles

Compatible Drivers:
H-Bridge: yes / any
Linear amplifiers: yes / any
Haptic ICs: yes / any

TITAN Haptics - Next Generation Linear Magnetic Ram Technology (LMR)

Gen II Linear Magnetic Ram (LMR)

Building on the benefits of the TacHammer magnetic suspension technology, the Gen II LMR design offers major improvements. 300% higher power density (Grms/mm^3), 7% more efficient (Grms/watt), and overall quieter operation.

In addition to Wideband and Impact haptics, Gen II is available in a variety of frequency-optimized models to suit any application.

Model Range

Most Popular
Low Frequency Medium Frequency High Frequency Impact
ModelDrake LF Drake MFDrake HF Drake LFi
Effective Range
Drake LF - Frequency Range10 Hz to >300 Hz
Drake LF - Frequency Range35 Hz to >300 Hz
Drake LF - Frequency Range 55 Hz to >300 Hz
10 Hz to >300 Hz
Peak Output1.7 Grms @ 95hz3.2 Grms @ 130hz4.4 Grms @ 160hz19 Gpeak @ 50hz
Features• Deep rumble
• Subwoofer feel
• Powerful response to audio waveforms
• Wide response suited for audio-to-haptics
• Rumble, alerts & clicks
• Strongest vibration output
• Compatible with typical LRA drive signals
• Low Frequency Rumble
• Impact Haptics
• Low Power Click Haptics
Applications•Immersive media, gaming, audio-to-haptics
• Subwoofer explosions
• Immersive environmental effects
• Multi-purpose haptics requiring low and high frequency response
• AR/VR, wearables, peripherals, automotive
• Audio-to-haptics
• Alerts, button clicks, textures
• LRA replacement with extended frequency range
• Surface acoustic transduction (speakers)
• Tactile buttons
• Impact haptics
•Immersive media, gaming

Drake Cluster Array - Variations

Clustered Haptic Arrays

A cutting-edge solution for achieving high haptic output in a wide range of form factors.

DRAKE Haptic Arrays can be driven synchronously as a single output, without needing additional channels or motor controllers.

Application Areas

TITAN Haptics - Gaming Controller Form Factor


Gamepad controllers, joysticks, racing chairs

TITAN Haptics - VR Controller Form Factor

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR/VR controllers, arcade blasters, vests, gloves

Reference Device - DRAKE Haptic Motor in Headphones


Smart watches, headphones and mobile accessories

TITAN Haptics - Mouse Form Factor


Remote controls, mice, keyboards and other electronic devices

TITAN Haptics - TouchScreen


Tablets, Infotainment systems, public displays

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