Custom Motor Services

For the most discerning, we offer end-to-end custom haptic motor design to fit your product needs.  

TITAN’s Custom Motor Program offers a broad range of customizations including:

  • Form factor
  • Frequency Response, ideal operating frequency range
  • Power Efficiency
  • Haptic features (impact, vibrate, etc.)
  • Durability, Materials, Weathersealing 
  • Target price and applications
TITAN Custom Motor Design Services

Custom Motor Design Program:

  1. Scoping
  2. In-house engineering with state of the art magnetics and electronics FEA
  3. Optimization via TITAN’s proprietary haptic simulation and haptic algorithms 
  4. Functional Prototyping, batch runs and DFM
  5. Reliability and durability testing, certification(s)
  6. Mass Production ramp-up within our network of qualified manufacturers

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Photo Credit Neiaglov com

Custom design and production of industry-leading high-power HD impact motor for LBE

“This partnership represents our commitment to delivering the best products in the LBE industry.” – Founder of leading provider of location based entertainment blasters

Tactile Feel at a Fraction of the Power

“The built-in and customizable haptic feedback renders physical buttons obsolete.” – Haptics Industry Expert