Manufacturing Program

Tap into a qualified manufacturing network for your next product launch.
Ensure quality, consistency, cost-effectiveness and speed to market.


Haptics Expertise
Leading specialists in advanced haptics technology.


A certified production ecosystem with stringent quality and control standards.

IP Protection

IP Protection
Ensuring unique designs and technologies are safeguarded.

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    Accelerated Product Launch: Expedite your haptic device’s market entry with our comprehensive manufacturing solutions.

    Cost Efficiency: Access competitive pricing tailored to your specific requirements.

    Engineering Excellence: Benefit from our team’s thorough design review and insights for seamless manufacturing.

    Single Point of Contact: Streamlined communication with a dedicated point of contact.

    Scalability: Ability to handle increased production demands as your company grows.

    Turnaround Time: Transparent timelines from design approval to product delivery.

    Pre-Production Samples: Ensure that the product matches your precise requirements.

    Compliance & Certifications: Adherence to industry standards, regulations, and certifications.

    Detailed Reporting: Regular, comprehensive reports on the production process.


    “When we approached the team with our idea, we knew it was a tall order. The precision required for the molds and the strict tolerances were no small feat. But they embraced the challenge, problem-solving every step of the way. Their expertise and dedication ensured our product was ready in time for the holiday rush.”

    –  Consumer Product Company 

    “In an industry where failure is not an option, we needed a team that could deliver under pressure. Collaborating with this team, we were able to devise a solution that not only met our strict demands but also ensured the project’s success.”

    – Military Training Company 

    “Our Kickstarter campaign was a record-breaker in Canada, which was an amazing achievement but also brought about the biggest challenge for our business. Working together with the team, we managed to deliver units on time, while also enhancing our packaging and quality control process.”

    – Electronics Accessory Company


    We work in a wide range of industries to service your needs. 


    Gaming, AR/VR







    Touch Screen




    Global Network

    Partnerships with leading manufacturers in gaming, automotive and mobile allow us to provide you with the highest quality and reliability in the manufacturing process.

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