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TITAN Haptics develops advanced haptic motors for smartphones, consoles and touchscreen devices. Based on a solid-state magnetic suspension, TITAN’s patented Linear Magnetic Ram (LMR) technology offers a console-like experience in smaller devices, key for delivering virtual buttons and AAA-gaming on portable devices.

TITAN Haptics is on a mission to make touch technology accessible and universal. As part of this mission, TITAN actively participates in industry groups such as the Haptics Industry Forum (HIF) to contribute to the development of industry standards and unified protocols. Additionally, TITAN is a proud member of The Haptics Club, where it collaborates with the community to foster innovation.


This technology represents a new paradigm in high-definition haptic feedback.

Chris Ulrich
former CTO of Immersion

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This will change how video games are made and played.

Alex Garden
former GM of Xbox

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This is definitely one of the more fun gadgets we’ve seen while exploring IFA.

Hamish Hector

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Most Innovative Award – ACCE

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For press inquiries, contact press@titanhaptics.com.


TITAN Haptics’ products are covered by one or more patents or patent applications in the U.S. or elsewhere.

Please contact us if you would like to request more information regarding our patents.

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Investor Relations

For investor inquiries, please contact investors@titanhaptics.com.

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