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Open Protocol
Free to use by developers

Write-once, use anywhere haptic primitives (pulse, tick, vibrate, PCM)

Supports a wide range of motors including wideband actuators, LRAs, and ERMs

No special drivers needed.  Haptics processing is done in code, no special ICs needed

Easy integration on multiple platforms with low-level C/C++ code 


Vector Haptics is built on an open framework to be extensible, cross-platform, and standards-compliant.  Standards development under the UHP Working Group at Haptics Industry Forum (

Vector Haptics Software framework


  • Design and rapid prototyping of haptic effects
  • Cross-platform haptics development for games and applications
  • Custom touch feedback development
  • Haptic motor evaluation / qualification

Basic Features

  • 4 Base Haptic Primitives
  • Simple, open-loop operation
  • Streaming Serial Interface
  • Compatible with low-cost, general use motor drives
  • Fast development via Serial Terminal

Advanced Features

  • PCM (Audio) Input
  • Dynamic resonant frequency setting
  • Multi-Actuator Support
  • Real Time Haptic Effect Streaming 

Early Access