Linear Magnetic Ram Motor

3.6Grms steady-state acceleration
25G impulse acceleration

10-300 Hz
Frequency Response

15.0mm dia x 34.3 mm

Developer Friendly, Modular Motor

Our medium sized, high displacement motor offering, the Carlton, is about the size of a pinky finger at only 15mm in diameter and 34mm long. Designed for customization, the motor can be fit with a variety of impact materials to generate the tactile sensation of your liking.

Carlton TacHammer Haptic Motor Dim

Variety of Use Cases

Fits a wide range of form factors including Consumer Electronics, Gaming, VR, and Automotive.

TacHammer Sizes
Vector Haptics logo 02

Easy Programmability

Easy programmability for developers through 3 modes of haptics: Sharp (snaps, jolts, clicks), Soft (pulses, taps, bumps), Vibration (light wobble to intense vibrations)

Backwards Compatible

Voice coil design responds to traditional to LRA signals. Compatible with off the shelf drive controllers

Backward Compatibility Logos

Application Areas

TITAN Haptics - Gaming Controller Form Factor


Gamepad controllers, joysticks, racing chairs

TITAN Haptics - VR Controller Form Factor

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR/VR controllers, arcade blasters, vests, gloves

Reference Device - DRAKE Haptic Motor in Headphones


Smart watches, headphones and mobile accessories

TITAN Haptics - Mouse Form Factor


Remote controls, mice, keyboards and other electronic devices



In-seat haptics, Infotainment systems, Steering wheels

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