Haptic Heart Jukebox

The Perfect Beat: A Unique DIY Valentine’s Experience

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and it’s time to express your love in a way that’s as unique as your bond. Introducing the DIY Beating Heart project, a symbol of your affection, handcrafted by you. Powered by TITAN Core and DRAKE haptic motors, this isn’t just a gift—it’s an experience.

What Does It Do? 

Imagine the surprise and delight as your partner holds the heart, feeling the rhythm of your love through the haptic feedback. With its integrated Bluetooth technology, you can also set the beat to your favorite song, creating a heart that acts as a speaker and dances to your love’s unique tune.

But why stop there? Take it a step further by embedding the electronics into a plush toy, transforming it into a cuddly keepsake that literally beats with your love. This Valentine’s Day, give more than a gift. Give your heart.


heart project

Use Cases:

  • Beating heart (record your heart for sentimental value)
  • Calming heartbeat toy for a pet (calms them)
  • Haptify a stuffed animal (soothing heartbeat, calming lullaby)
  • Dancing heart (a mini speaker that lets you feel music and when placed on a table, will dance to the track)

Materials & Parts:

1x TITAN Core Dev Kit (comes with dev board and Drake Haptic Motor)
4x M1.4 x 5 Philips Head self tapping screws
1x 3.7v 200mAh 502025 Lipo
Access to 3D printer
3M adhesive
Hot glue/super glue
3D print (or stuffed animal)
Favorite Bluetooth music service (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music)


1. First, print the bottom and top half of the Beating Heart (CAD Design here)

Heart Shells

2. Next, use some 3M to attach the lipo battery into the shell. Make sure to press it firmly into the housing so that it doesn’t fall out.

Insert Battery

3. Insert the TITAN Core into the pre-made holes in the structure. The attached headers should friction fit there holding the Core in place.

Insert Core

4. Attach the DRAKE by removing the adhesive stickers from the bottom of the motor and press it firmly into the structure. Make sure to press and hold firmly so the adhesive can bond well to the plastic.

Insert DRAKE

5. Insert the lipo battery connector into the built-in JST connector on the TITAN Core. Ensure that the lipo battery direction is correct.

Connect Battery

6. After, unscrew the L+ and L-terminals on the Core and insert the DRAKE wires inside. Screw down the terminals and ensure that there is a solid hold on the wires. Follow this wiring schematic below.

Connect DRAKE

7. Close the two halves of the heart together. Use the 4 x M1.4 x 5 Philips Head self-tapping screws to hold the two halves together.

Screwing shells             

How to get the heart beating

In order to get it to start beating, open your device’s Bluetooth settings and look for a TITAN Device. After, connect to the device and ensure your volume is turned all the way up. Then press play on your music-playing or video streaming app and feel your content! 

Ready to test? Here are some tracks to get you started: 

That’s it! You’ve just created a unique and heartwarming gift that goes beyond the traditional Valentine’s Day offerings. This DIY Beating Heart project is not just a token of your love, but a testament to your creativity and thoughtful effort. It’s a gift that speaks volumes about your bond and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Take this project a notch higher by personalizing it further. You could paint the heart in your partner’s favorite color or add a special message on the heart. You could even create a playlist of songs that hold special memories for both of you and let the heart dance to the rhythm of your love story.

Remember, the beauty of DIY projects like this one is that they can be tailored to suit the recipient’s preferences. So, don’t hesitate to let your creativity flow and make this project truly your own.

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