Haptics Bulletin: Sony’s New Handheld, the Quest 3 Headset, and More

Apple Branded Smart Ring

A new Sony handheld console? Leaked Quest 3 Headset? Apple making a haptic-enabled ring?

This month’s edition of the All Things Haptics Newsletter, released by our Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Ashley Huffman, recounts the latest product releases and juicy updates within the haptics industry this month.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A new Sony handheld console called “Portal”, said to feel similar to a PS5 Controller
  • The new Leaked Quest 3 Headset, with Quest Pro lookalike controllers
  • Sandbox VR’s new game Deadwood Valley, which focuses on physical VR locations and leveraging haptic effects for immersion
  • Apple’s new patent, which has everyone speculating that they’ll be releasing a haptic-enabled ring
  • A textile-based wearable, developed by Rice University Engineers, that rely on fluidic signals to help users navigate 
  • Flexible PCBs and magnets created by Carl Bugeja designed to flex in unexpected ways.

Check out this edition of the All Things Haptics newsletter here.