TacHammer Developer Kit Quick Start Guide

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Congratulations on your new TacHammer Developer Kit. On this page you will find all the information and documentation you need to begin integrating TacHammer into your projects. Happy experimenting!

What’s in the box?

TacHammer Carlton Variant 2
Spare Impact Caps 2
Mounting Clips 2
Soft Impact Disks 4
Hard Impact Disks 6
Spacers 3
Disc Spring 1
Arduino Micro 1
DRV2605 Breakout Board 1
Extra Magnets 3

Quick Start Guide

In addition to what’s included in the box, you will need the following items:

breadboard 300x300 1


hookup wire 500x500 300x300 1

Hookup Wire

RND 320 KD3005P 01 291x300 1

5V Power Supply

For basic out-of-the-box operation, follow these steps:

1.   Wire up all the components as indicated by the diagram.

TacHammerArduino plus 1024x487 1

2. Hold the Actuator and experience a loop of different effects.

To control the loop effect with a button, follow these steps:

1.   Wire up all the components as indicated by the diagram.

DRV2605 Schematic 1

2. Reset the Arduino to boot into button mode.

3. Hold the Actuator and experience a new effect each time the button is pressed.

For advanced control and custom effects, follow these steps:

1.   Download Arduino sample code here.

2.   Download the Arduino IDE program on the Arduino website here.

arduino ide download

3.  Upload the TacHammer code to your Arduino board using the Arduino IDE. The TacHammer unit will start cycling through a series of different haptics.

upload arduino code

4.   Customize the TacHammer sample code to generate your own effects.

customizing haptics code

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