Podcast: Pioneering the DIY VR Revolution with Lucas VRTech

Sometimes, the best tech is just the tech you’ve made for yourself. 

The Between Realities VR Podcast recently featured Tiktoker and YouTuber Lucas de Bonet. Better known as Lucas VRTech, he started a virtual reality project called LucidVR in 2020 where he designed and built a $22 open-source virtual reality haptic glove. 

Now almost three years later, he has more than half a million followers on TikTok, almost 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, more than 2 million collective views on his YouTube videos, and is pioneering the DIY VR Revolution.

He talked to hosts Alex and Skeeva about his journey in creating these haptic gloves, how they’ve evolved throughout the years, and the resources people can refer to should they want to build their own versions. He also spoke about the technical hardware in creating multi-force ergonomics haptics experiences, the future of VR and its ethical considerations, the developments of artificial intelligence within the VR space, and the race between a realistic virtual reality experience and the advancements of brain computing interfaces. 

Lucas’ LucidVR project demonstrates that virtual reality technologies don’t have to be expensive, and how with a little bit of perseverance, determination, and skill, you too can create your own immersive haptic gaming experiences.

Check out the Between Realities VR Podcast episode featuring Lucas VRTech here and follow Lucas on TikTok here.