Resource: Haptipedia, a Database of Haptic Technology


In the ever-changing digital landscape, haptics is revolutionizing technology as we know it. Designers are now embracing the power of haptics to create mind-blowing interactive experiences. But with so much information scattered across the web, it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack for designers to uncover existing haptic technologies. That’s why Haptipedia was created—as a database housing over 105 groundbreaking haptic devices developed since 1992. 

Haptipedia was a collaboration between multiple research institutes in an effort to promote transparency and accessibility in the field of haptic technology. Haptipedia provides a platform for anyone interested in touch technology to share and access information. It utilizes open-source data visualization to make it easier for researchers, designers, students, and educators to search and compare different haptic devices. 

Moreover, Haptipedia is an independent and community-sourced project, meaning everyone can contribute to the platform and share any knowledge they have. The data is then reviewed by an internal team of experts, who then add it to the platform. By collating this data, it allows students and new researchers to grasp the basics of haptic technology and its applications.

Haptipedia aims to close the gap between device and interaction designers, accelerate design exploration and reduce fruitless reinvention. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher, a budding engineer, or simply a tech enthusiast, it is a resource worth exploring. 

Check out Haptipedia here.