Smart Haptics – Haptics: Collaboration & Transforming the Industry

The future of haptics technology is an exciting and ever-evolving field. The potential applications are limitless, from gaming and entertainment to medical and educational uses. Recently, TITAN Haptics and Razer hosted a live Haptics Club podcast recording at Smart Haptics. Smart Haptics, the technical conference focused on the commercialization of haptic technology, was hosted in Seattle on November 7-8, 2022.

The event featured our very own Ashley Huffman, strategic partnership at TITAN Haptics, Eric Vezzoli, Associate Director of Haptics, Razer Inc., and special guest David Parisi (PhD, NYU), Professor of Emerging Media, College of Charleston.

The panelists discussed various opinions of past Haptics Club guests, including the need for a standardized approach, the potential for XR, and the creation of a unified haptics language.

Haptics Club episode #34 on the future of haptics, a retrospective, is available on YouTube and the podcast. Learn more about the Smart Haptics conference on their official website.