From Idea to Reality: TITAN Core Helps Make Haptics Integration a Breeze


Incorporating haptics into your projects might pose a bit of a challenge. It can be tough to achieve top-notch, high-definition haptic feedback in your engineering endeavors, especially considering factors such as your expertise level and available time.

This is why we created the TITAN Core—a compact haptics development board and production-ready module.

The Core was designed to simplify the haptics integration process. You can get your project up and running in just under 6 minutes. 

This fully-featured standalone board features:

  • 3 Discrete haptics channels
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Onboard power management w/ LiPo charging via USB C
  • 3W Dual-channel Class D Audio Amplifier + Dual H-Bridge
  • 32-bit ESP32 Processor with DSP, DMA, ADC
  • Pin Overview: 
    • 3.3V – 6V VIN
    • 3.3V OUT
    • 11 GPIOs
    • 2 ADCs
    • SPI, I2C, Serial, I2S
    • 2 DACs
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, haptics, DAC and DSP capabilities
  • Small footprint ideal for electronics devices
  • Works with a wide range of haptics motors

3 Discrete Motor Channels

The Core supports the connection of three motors at a time, enabling them to operate independently or synchronously. It is optimized for TITAN’s DRAKE motors but can also drive a wide range of other haptic motors as well such as ERMs (Eccentric Rotating Mass motors) and LRAs (Linear Resonant Actuators).

Arduino Compatible

The Core is compatible with Arduino and ESP32 Arduino libraries making it easy for beginners and advanced developers alike.  Sample sketches and effects are available for download with the TITAN Core Arduino library. 


Bluetooth, Wifi and USB connectivity is available out-of-the-box.  You can connect the Core to any PC or Smartphone via Bluetooth or USB for direct haptic control in real time.


Despite its small size, the Core offers many options for extensibility.  Available are 11 GPIO pins, SPI, I2C and I2S allowing developers to use the TITAN Core for any application using any number of inputs and outputs.  

Open Haptics API by

TITAN Core also comes pre-loaded with preloaded firmware with sample effects running on’s Open API for advanced effects creation and cross-device compatibility.

With its compact size and powerful features, we hope that TITAN Core will be valuable for your next engineering project. Buy it now here:

If you have any questions about the TITAN Core or want to know more about our other haptics solution, be sure to reach out.