TITAN Haptics Talks Standards at Smart Haptics

The 2021 theme for Smart Haptics, a technical conference focused on the commercialization of haptic technology, is The Technology of Tomorrow Is Buzzing Today: The Expanding World of Haptics.

At the conference on December 1-2 2021 in San Diego, Tim Szeto the CEO and founder of TITAN Haptics will present a talk entitled “Universal Haptics Protocol – An Inclusive Framework for Standardizing Haptics.”

TITAN Haptics will also be participating in a panel alongside Robert Desautels, CTO or D-Box Technologies, Philippe Guillotel, Distinguished Scientist of InterDigital Research & Innovation, and Chris Ullrich, CTO, of Immersion.

The panel entitled “Haptics Standard Ascendant” will discuss the momentum building for haptic standards and the organizations working to define haptic standards including Khronos, IEEE, MPEG, HIF, and more.

To learn more about TITAN Haptics involvement in Smart Haptics, visit the Smart Haptics official website.