TITAN Haptics featured on Haptics Club Podcast with Actronika

Recently, the Haptics Club sat down with Rafal Pijewski, CTO of Actronika, and TITAN Haptics’ very own lead engineer, Kyle Skippon, to talk more about wideband vibrotactile haptics and how it is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with the world. 

“The way that we see people do sound design…[the way they] design music and experiences like that, I think that we’ll eventually see that come to haptics as well, because it is its own creative form.” – Kyle Skippon, Lead Engineer at TITAN Haptics.

During the podcast, Pijewski and Skippon discussed how haptics enhances user experiences, its understated value, and the different industries that would greatly benefit from haptic integration. They also talked about the future of the haptic industry and how they imagine it will look in a few years.

The Haptics Club’s episode #32 on Wideband Vibrotactile Haptics is available on YouTube and the Haptics Club website.