TITAN’s New Manufacturing Initiative to Empower Startups and Innovators in Haptic Technology


Toronto, ON — April 25, 2024 — TITAN Haptics is proud to announce a new manufacturing program aimed at supporting startups and technology innovators focusing on haptics. This initiative is designed to eliminate common barriers in the production process, enabling a smoother transition from innovative concepts to market-ready haptic products.

Haptic technology is integral to the development of immersive experiences in consumer electronics, virtual reality, automotive interfaces, and more. As more and more devices become touch-enabled, the importance of integrating haptics in their design becomes more significant. Haptics enables users to touch and control virtual objects, enhancing the human-computer interaction experience by making it more intuitive. 

Incorporating haptics into your next project could significantly enhance user experience and make virtual interactions more immersive, intuitive, and satisfying. However, the integration of haptics is not without its challenges. It requires a deep understanding of the technology, its application, and the potential user experience implications. Moreover, when it comes to manufacturing your haptics product, the choice of manufacturer is crucial. Factors such as their experience with haptics, technological capabilities, production capacity, quality control, and cost-effectiveness must all be carefully considered. Balancing these considerations effectively demands a strategic approach to ensure the successful integration of haptics into your project. 

This manufacturing initiative is set to provide:

Resource Accessibility
Offering access to advanced manufacturing technologies and expert guidance without the prohibitive costs typically associated with haptic device production.

Collaborative Development
Facilitating partnerships between tech innovators and seasoned experts in haptics to refine product designs and ensure that they meet industry standards and consumer expectations.

Scalable Solutions
Ensuring that as startups grow, their production capabilities can scale accordingly to meet demand, with adjustable timelines and batch sizes that accommodate the fast-paced technology markets.

Fostering Innovation Through Comprehensive Support
The program not only provides the tools and technology needed to manufacture haptic devices but also offers educational workshops, prototype testing, and go-to-market strategy planning. By reducing the technical overhead for startups, 

TITAN Haptics aims to cultivate a more innovative and dynamic haptic technology landscape.

“TITAN Haptics is committed to empowering tech innovators and entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources they need to bring their visionary products to life. We believe that by supporting these trailblazers, not only can we enhance the consumer technology landscape, but also accelerate the integration of haptic feedback in everyday life,” said Kyle Skippon, Head of Engineering at TITAN Haptics

About TITAN Haptics
TITAN Haptics is a startup technology company specializing in haptics technology. The company’s mission is to provide practical solutions to small and medium-sized companies, assisting them to enhance their products and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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